Engine Diagnosis and Replacement
Mechanic Boise, Idaho

Our Boise-based, ASE-certified car technicians provide professional electrical diagnostic testing and vehicle repairs.

Automotive Diesel Specialist is your expert mechanic shop for auto electrical repair in Boise, ID. We focus our time, attention and training on ensuring that your vehicle is brought back to factory specifications quickly and with the least cost to you. Our technicians are prepared and qualified to help with any car electrical system issue that could possibly arise from an electrical failure.

Most modern vehicles are moving in the direction of allocating many functions of the vehicle to be controlled by computer. This allows for fantastic new safety measures like electrically assisted braking and traction measures to assist you take sharp corners when driving through the countryside. Because these features are a little on the futuristic side, they go through rigorous auto electrical diagnostics testing before being launched into the market. Once you are used to them, you will find that it can be quite an interesting experience driving without them.

More and more components are being controlled by your vehicle’s onboard computer system. This means that more sophisticated diagnostic tools are required to read the error codes of this computer and then perform the necessary work. This also means that your vehicle can act a little strange, for no visibly apparent reason.